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Video/Film Credits

VIDEO CREDITS (Highlights)
Bloom:  The Plight of Lake Champlain
Bloom:  The Emergence of Ecological Design
GMR Venom Skate
Ouray Ice, Ice Festival Video: Telluride MV and Banff Adventure Show
Red Rocks: DV Extreme Magazine Video finalist
Regeneration, Sustainable Living (Pilot) Genest Production
Back-brace Inservice Training Video: Aspen Medical Products
25th Pastoral Anniversary Video: Landmark Tabernacle
Major League Lacrosse National Commercials


Summer Showcase Video: Warrior Lacrosse

Casey Powell Lacrosse Video: Warrior Lacrosse

Vertical Journey: Instructional Skydiving Big Air Sports
Hans Rey videos: No Way Rey and Level Vibe
Powell Peralta Videos: Public Domain, Ban This, Propaganda


Hot Monkey Love: Cooper Entertainment, Director of Photography
Tiger Street: (International Distribution) Pagoda Films,

Director of Photography

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